The handbook is Martin Walker’s twenty year follow up to his book, 
Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural health care. In this new book Walker gives a full and detailed picture of the vested interests, their personalities, organisations and ideas that have shaped the present attack on alternatives in the field of health. Alternative and complementary medicine is under attack on all fronts, The Handbook gives us the knowledge with which to defend ourselves and fight back.

Of doctors, epidemiologists, researchers, advisers, insurance scammers, quackbusters, bad journalists, corporate scientists, industry shills and other agents who do now or have in the past worked for, sided with, supported or simply been a part of corporate interests, manufacturing, pushing or promoting, products or ideologies antagonistic to the private and public health of workers, consumers, citizens, patients, alternative practitioners and science in the public interest; who they are, how to recognise them and their organisations, and what to do about them