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SKEWED: Psychiatric hegemony and the manufacture of mental illness in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Gulf War Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.        

With a foreword by Per Dalen MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Skewed is a detailed investigation into the psychiatric diagnosis of a range of illnesses which some have suggested are actually caused by chemicals. The book traces the chemical companies arguments against their products causing illnesses and it tracks the growth of the theory promoted by them that individuals who report symptoms of chemically induced ill health have personality disorders.

The book asks how psychiatric theories of ' unexplained illness' have managed to gain ascendancy and shape the diagnosis, research funding and public perception of these illnesses in Britain.   

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HRT: Licenced to Kill and Maim.

This book is vital to an understanding of the constant promotion of the cancer causing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Written on behalf of women who suffered serious adverse reactions to HRT. As well as detailing the constant contemporary promotional PR campaigns to market HRT, the book traces the background of the literature on it's adverse reactions, drawing on some of the great writers about women’s health such as the late Barbara Seaman.                                        




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Hans Ruesch’s three books, Slaughter of the Innocent, Naked Empress and 1000 Doctors (and more) against vivisection, published between 1978 and 1989, laid the foundations for the modern anti-vivisection movement, with its uncompromising demand for a complete end to vivisection and the fraudulent scientific arguments which underlie it.

Dr Tony Page wrote about the book in the Foreword to Civis Answers Questions on Vivisection:

Born of a rare blend of high intelligence, sound but unstuffy scholarship, a strong capacity for pity and empathy, allied to a striking literary skill, Slaughter of the Innocent constitutes the 20th century’s single most powerful indictment of ‘vivisection’ – the experimentation with and upon living animals.

Hans Ruesch died in 2007 and it is unlikely that any writer of his intelligence and comprehension, on the matter of vivisection will ever pass this way again. If you read no other book against vivisection, read this one; it is a truly mind moving book.                                


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Dirty Medicine: The handbook.

Dirty Medicine: The Handbook is Martin Walker’s twenty year follow up to his book, Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural health care. In this new book Walker gives a full and detailed picture of the vested interests, their personalities, organisations and ideas that have shaped the present attack on alternatives in the field of health. Alternative and complementary medicine is under attack on all fronts, The Handbook gives us the knowledge with which to defend ourselves and fight back.




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This book is the story of the campaign against Hill Grove cat farm which bred cats for vivisection and experimentation. Written by the campaigners and edited by the energetic activist Anny Malle, the book tells an exciting story of a successful campaign  which grew from an acorn into an oak tree.

When Cynthia O’Neill’s cat Snowy was stolen from a small village in Oxfordshire, England, the thieves, who probably sold animals to local laboratories for vivisection, could have had no idea of the chain of events they would set off. The theft of her cat led Cynthia into a battle royal with the local farm which bred cats for vivisection. A Cat in Hell’s Chance tells the story of a crusade started by a political novice later joined by groups with greater experience, which gathered momentum over ten years and became a  mass movement. After battles with Oxfordshire police, many arrests, court appearances and jailings Hill Grove Cat Farm was finally shut down 

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The Parents’ Story. The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, Corporations and the Media.

Each of these volumes contain eight chapters written by parents of vaccine damaged children. These well written but harrowing narratives help to put the three year trial of Dr Andrew Wakefield before the General Medical Council kangeroo court into perspective. The introductions are written by Martin J Walker and Carol Stott and both books are edited by Martin and published by Slingshot.                                                             


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The second volume comes with Alan Golding’s brilliant DVD, Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the General Medical Council.


Overthrowing the 

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OVERTHROWING THE TEMPLE: Loic Le Ribault and his development of organic silica         

Overthrowing the Temple reads in part like a thriller, in parts like the story of a contemporary dissenting scientist and in small mpart like a Grimm’s fairy-tale, touched with humour. A short time after leaving University with two doctorates, Loic’s forensic work, based upon his identification of sand grains, was recognised by the French police, as a seminal aid in pin-pointing perpetrators of violent crime. Over a decade, Loic became one of  Europe’s greatest forensic detectives, training police in his methods and patenting various technical aids to forensic detection. Wary of Loic’s independence, the French ministry of the Interior misappropriated his forensic inventions and began training the police themselves in his methods. Loic was forced to shut his laboratory and change the direction of his research to look at the health giving qualities of silica.

Martin Walker got to know Loic Le Ribault when he was in exile on the run from anonymous authorities.